Print and Embroidery

It's important that your logo, your company colors, and your message are consistent and easily recognizable across all your marketing communications. Getting your branding right is an integral part of what we do at Matrix Promotional Marketing. We use the latest technology to ensure that your branding is truly represented on all your merchandise and apparel. And we make sure that we use the form of application that's most suited to the promotional items. 

Digital Printing
We use a state-of-the-art process which allows us to apply your logo to garments with a greater consistency than traditional printing provides. It gives a greatly enhanced "photo-like" detail and a softer feel to the finished item. Most suitable for t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. 

Screen Printing
Screen printing is a fabulous way to customize promotional clothing for your company. We use fully automated machines which allow for fine-tuning to create a perfect replica of your artwork, and produces colors that are vibrant and crisp with a long-lasting quality finish. The screens are much like stencils, and the logo or design is applied to the garment using one color at a time, with printing available up to 10 spot colors. From spot color printing and foil transfers to non-standard placements and polybagging, we have the production capacity and expertise to fulfill any size screen printing order.

From liquid metallic ink, discharge printing to foil transfers, let us show you some of our screen printing examples. You will be amazed to see what is possible!

We use the most up-to-date computerized embroidery software available to create accurate replications of your logo or designs. It gives your promotional corporate clothing a sensational professional finish. 

From Applique to 3D/Puffy and Digitizing, let us show you what we can do for your promotional apparel needs. 

We can produce high quality transfers with ease and speed. This makes transfers perfect for low volume runs of corporate and sports clothing as well as for promotional consumables such as mugs and pens. Customers can choose from a huge range of colors and finishes, including reflective, fluorescent, glitter, foil and metallic for stunning effects that will get your brand noticed.

How does 4-color process printing work?
4-color process is a more advanced printing technique that uses 4 transparent inks, yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. When these inks are printed on top of each other, they produce a full color image. (i.e. yellow + blue = green)

4-color process is used mostly for photographic or digitally created designs because many shades and colors can be achieved with only four screens. Because the inks are transparent, the garments must be white to achieve the closest color match to the original design. Additional screens may be added for colors that need to match a specific Pantone color or colors that may not reproduce well. This process is often used for small runs with multiple colors, events, limited budgets, etc. 

How does simulated process printing work?
Simulated Process is another advanced technique that uses halftones of ink colors to represent the colors in the original design. This process differs from the 4-color process because the inks are opaque and the separations use specific Pantone colors to produce the full color image. Most designs will require 10 to 12 screens. This process was designed for printing photographic or digitally created designs on dark colored garments. Although the simulated process is pricier, the end result is a much higher quality print. This process is often used for high-end retail markets and large orders.